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he most important skill needed by anyone who wants to make money on the Internet is how to write quality, unique and SEO optimized articles in a particular keyword niche. Article writing has helped a lot of ordinary people like you and me to earn in thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis by simply writing quality and relevant articles on topics or subjects that relates to human needs that you have expert knowledge. It also eliminates the stressful process of setting up your own website in order to make money online. If you are not a "website techie" type of person and you want to start an online business with small star-up capital, then article writing is the right online business for you. In this article, i have listed the top four (4) article writing tips that every article writer needs to know to enhance their writing career.

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How to overcome writers block

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There is nothing that stirs up great actions in you than the goals you have set for yourself. Another way to overcome writer’s block easily is to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, and also set the target amount of articles you should write to achieve your goals. You can also expand your goals by writing down how much you desire to earn financially from your articles online.

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SEO Techniques for Article Writing

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to ranking your content highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are so important to learn because that’s what guarantees the success of your article writing business, whether you write for your own blog or site or for another website.

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How To Create More Unique Articles Online

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Are you an article writer? And you are having challenges and problems meeting your article writing goals that is creating and writing thousands of valuable, relevant and unique articles online? Then this article is definitely for you. Most article writers always complain of not knowing what methods and techniques to create quality articles on the web, and always come up with quality article ideas that will always generate human interest and attract high pageviews to your article pages.

Top 4

How To Become A Better SEO Article Writer

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Seo article writing skill is one of the major skills needed by anyone who wants to make money online because content rules the web. This article contains techniques and secrets to make money online as an seo article writer in the area of offering an seo article writing service, writing for a paid article writing site like Infobarrel and Redgage.

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All good advice. Thanks!

All good advice. Thanks!