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logger is still the largest Blogging community just slightly ahead of Wordpress.Although many stagnant websites use the Wordpress platform so in terms of hosting Personal blogs Blogger is way out in front.With Google Owning both Blogger and AdSense it makes integrating of AdSense onto your Blogger blogs extremely easy, in fact it only takes a few clicks from the dashboard to have AdSense ads on your blog.With that in mind a large percentage of Bloggers take up the option to display ads and make some cash from their blog.But making any genuine money from AdSense is not easy, first you need traffic and lots of it and second you need to have the right AdSense set up for your blog.Lets look at 4 AdSense tips that will help increase your AdSense earnings.These top 4 AdSense tips show you how to place AdSense units in the prime positions on your blog.

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How To Put A Full Lenght AdSense Unit Below You Blogger Header Section

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The 728x90 AdSense unit is the largest unit available and when placed below the blogs header it is one of the highest earning.

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How To Put AdSense Directly Below Your Blogger Post Titles

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Below the post titles is another of the top click through positions for AdSense.This AdSense tutorial shows you how to place ads below your post titles and also at the foot of every post on Blogger.

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How To Put AdSense In Your Blogger Header Section

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Most of the top Blogs have the header section split in two with AdSense or other ads on the right.This tutorial shows how you can achieve this on Blogger.

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How To Put AdSense In The Middle Your Blogger Posts

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This tutorial will show you how to have ads in your posts and how to style the AdSense units with text wrapped around.This is a very high click rate For AdSense.

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These AdSense tips and tutorials should help you see the earnings rise.

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dragonangel16137's picture

wow very good tips there

wow very good tips there thanks for sharing them!! I have tried many times to make a go of adsense and have made very little so far...but I will have to take your tips and put them into action! Thanks for sharing!