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collection of fiction Books that were written for lovers of action and adventure available in various formats through eBookIssues. You can see reviews of the books and find links to various distributors for online purchasing of the ones that take your fancy.

The action and adventure ranges from spy and espionage thrillers to military adventure based on real places and events. Even if the characters involved are fictitious, the places they served and the events that took place were real and the stories stick as closely as possible to those periods and places.

Action Adventure Thriller
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Mad Bad Spinning Top

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A debut novel from a new and talented author, action packed thriller entering into the world of of rampant terrorism, spy-masters out of control and a plot that takes you right into the heart of terrorism, espionage, computer hacking and nefarious dealings. All done with a comic twist.

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The Bones of Odin

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An Amazon best seller that asks the question ‘Did ancient Gods like Odin, Zeus and Thor once really exist?’ Packed full of exciting and explosive action, literally. Matt Drake an ex-SAS officer goes on a quest to save the world, he must find the Bones of Odin before the bad guys beat him to it.

Top 3

Diver - by Tony Groom

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In this 30th anniversary year of the Falklands conflict, what better time to read about the exploits of some of the bravest and most professional men in the Royal Navy. It was the Clearance Divers not the SAS that were the mystery unit of the Falklands War and there is no action adventure story quite like a real one.

Top 4

A Soldier's Story of Military Adventure

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Harry Weston is an honourable man that hasn't had the best of luck. Repatriated to New Zealand after military service in the Far East, he meets and falls in love with Moana, a beautiful Kiwi girl. Tragically she is killed in a car accident and her family turn against Harry. He turns to the bottle for comfort and one boozy night in his favourite drinking den he is shanghaied by two military types that he tought had befriended him. Before he knows what is happening he is forced back into service and sent on a mission to Hong Kong, a mission that is bound to fail.

Harry meets a new girl, but once again things go wrong and his latest girlfriend has to flee to Taiwan to escape the Hong Kong authorities and Harry is repatriated to New Zealand. Unable to settle Harry embarks on a new adventure as an expat teaching kids in Papua New Guinea, he thought his military career was over, but he was still in the thick of some military action when some pretty nasty characters move into New Guinea determined to exploit the country.

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A short selection of excellent books available either as eBooks or in printed format from both new and established authors in the genre of action adventure stories.

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