Best Review - Top 3 X-men and Wolverine Stories for 2013

2012 was the year of the comic book movie. Comic book movies really began to hit their stride with both the final dark Knight movie and the long anticipated Avengers movie hitting the screen, and both of them being amongst the very best movies of the entire 2012 season..

Many people have forgotten that the rebirth of the, "good" comic book movie did not begin with the Avengers. After years of dreadful adaptations of comic book movies the X-Men came along and in the 1st 2 movies showed that comic book movies could not only be cool for the in crowd that read the comic books, but they can also be quite exciting for people that have never read the comic books as long as they tried to make a good movie rather than just a good, "comic book movie".

The problem with comic book movies, is that takes a good writer director to bring 1 to the screen that is both believable for the non-fans and entertaining for the fans.

One of the problems with the X-Men franchises that after the 1st two movies, the writing and directing 1 to the hands of less talented directors. Bryan Singer was director of the 1st 2 and then stepped away. Since then the movies have been pretty bad, with the possible exception of X-Men: 1st class, which was a movie that Bryan Singer came back to at least produce.

But now there is even more good news for the X-Men franchise. Bryan Singer is back as director and writer of the newest upcoming X-Men movie which is currently filming in 2013. Find out more about the things are going on the X-Men universe for 2013 that you have all X-Men fans excited…

Wolverine Movie Action Photo from Wolverine Movie 2013
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Wolverine Movie Fan page

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Are you a fan of the character of the Wolverine? I know I am. I think is one of the best characters of the X-Men if not one of the very best characters of any comic book series out there. Fans of the Wolverine will certainly love this Wolverine fan page that includes tons of pictures, facts and information, wallpapers and more...

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The Wolverine Movie

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1st of all, let's be real, the last Wolverine movie was no good. This must make you think why you should waste time even thinking about the next Wolverine movie.

In many ways this movie is a Wolverine, "reboot". While they are not doing a new Wolverine origin story, they're pretty much ignoring that horrible movie. With new writers a new, and talented director and entirely original cast, except for Hugh Jackman, who plays a great Wolverine, there is a ton of potential for this Wolverine movie, which just so happens be based on probably the very best Wolverine story of all time.

There's a lot of reasons why the Wolverine movie is going to be one of the hit movies of the summer.

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X-Men Graphic Novels

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I spent a lot of time above talking about how great the upcoming X-Men movie is going to be. One of the reasons I left out is the fact that it's based upon one most popular X-Men graphic novels of all time, "Days of Future Past"

While there are many graphic novels in the X-Men history that have not been that great, there are also some that are simply incredible, including the one that the new upcoming movie is based upon. Check out this list of 25 great X-Men graphic novels from the comic book series that dedicated X-Men fans and casual fans alike will both be thrilled to read. These 25 graphic novels make up the must read storylines of the X-Men for the past nearly 50 years

Do you like this top?

Hopefully you are as excited as I am about the upcoming future of the X-Men, Wolverine and this corner of the Marvel universe of comic book superheroes. I expect both the Wolverine movie and the upcoming X-Men movie are going to give fans quite excited in the X-Men in the near future.

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drjoe35's picture

Bryan singer is a good

Bryan singer is a good director but he is not always right as we saw with the Superman returns movie which was pretty horrible. He did not provide a villain for this movie and it failed. yes his xmen movies have been good but his superman movie was terrible. out of all the super hero movies i have seen superman returns is the only super hero movie i can say was pretty bad. i found the first wolverine movie to be good.

Zentao01's picture

I agree, Bryan Singer is a

I agree, Bryan Singer is a pretty damn good director. Wasn't crazy about the Supes movie either. But he has done more right than wrong. Really looking forward to his next shot at the Xmen: Days of future past.