Best Review - Top 3 World War 2 short stories


orld War 2 stories are being search by many students for their research. So here are 3 of the best short stories of World War II. All the stories are inspired by true events. Enjoy

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Tales from World War 2 - Pikadon (Atom Bomb)

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The Development of an Atomic bomb was a head-to-head race with the Germans. But Germany approached defeat and most of their great scientists were escaping the country as early as 1933. On the other hand the American’s two-billion-dollar Manhattan project was on the brink of success. They had successfully developed the most powerful bomb in the world, using nuclear fission as the primary source of energy.

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Tales from World War 2 – Martyrdom and Heroism of Jose Abad Santos

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When Bataan fell to the hands of the Japanese victors, Philippines was doomed. The Philippine government was in a state of emergency and its government leaders were advised by the US Government to escape to Australia. Though many of them were reluctant to leave the country, but to stay much longer would reduce their chances in finding safe route to escape. President Manuel L. Quezon wanted to bring his chief of justice with him but the man defied his request, that man was Jose Abad Santos.

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Tales from World War 2 - Lullaby of the Kamikaze Pilots

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April 1, 1945
6:00 AM

The news of American forces landed in Okinawa shaken the hearts of every citizen in Japan. But for the young tokkotai (Kamikaze) pilots stationed Tsuchiura Naval Air Base, their days were numbered. Kasuga Takonaga the care taker of the young pilots knew that the lives of his friends were about to end soon. Takonaga was drafted to look after the meals, laundry, room cleaning, and other daily errands for the kamikaze pilots.

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