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'm sure most of us have been there at one time or another looking for window treatments for small windows in our homes. Earlier this year, we had to replace some window blinds because the string wore out and the blinds themselves were sagging in the middle and no longer fully closing. We found plenty of window treatments that went along well with the design of the bedroom. We also specifically chose ones that were easier to take down and clean in the wash. Which made things much easier, unlike the stationary blinds we replaced. Another plus was that it made the lighting so much better in the room, even when they were closed. All in all, we were pleased with our choice.

For those needing some ideas here are some style choices that i recommend.

Window Treatments For Small Windows
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Window Treatments For Small Bathroom Windows

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Expectedly, for the bathroom you'd want window treatments that allows air flow through the fabric or something that's waterproof. Either way, it's best if they're easily washable. PVC vinyl curtains are fine if you're not put off by the bulkiness and the material. Many of them come with tie-backs and are easily cleaned by wiping them off with a detergent. Another choice, as would be my favored choice, is a light lace material curtain that can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. I find them more convenient than vinyl curtains. They also let in a lot more natural light while still offering privacy.

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Window Treatments For Small Basement Windows

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Like bathroom window treatments you may want something that can stand against humidity. Of course, that depends on your basement. This is where i feel cotton curtains are best used since they will last for ages. For those of you wanting a fabric window treatment then cotton curtains are a great choice. Much like the lace curtains they're easily washable. A bigger plus is that they come in all sorts of colors and styles, including small-sized drapes.

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Window Treatments For Small High Windows

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With small windows, located closer to the ceiling of a room in your home, you can use curtains sized for basement windows. That is, if they're like basement windows (wider than they are tall). Tier curtains work well in these instances. Even if your high-placed window is square or round. It's best, in my opinion, to choose a curtain that is thin and airy. Much like sheer curtains are. Though you can also choose lace window treatments. If you're looking to cut out as much light as possible, when needed, then a blackout curtain is a choice too.

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If you're in the middle of redesigning your home's decor or just looking to replace a curtain or two then i hope this provided you a little bit of help. It's definitely refreshing when you update your home's style and something as simple as window treatments can have rooms in your home appearing in new light, literally. Look through the ideas i've put above.

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