Best Review - Top 3 Well Known Republicans Who May Run For President In 2012


he 3 possible Republican candidates for President in 2012 I have highlighted in my top all say they are inclined to or at least considering the idea of running for President in 2012, they are all three conservative constitutionalists and are supported by and support the grass roots movement called the Tea Party.

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Newt Gingrich May Run For President In 2012

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Stating Huckabee and Romney are the front runners Gingrich recognizes he is still competitive.

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Sarah Palin A Media Obsession For President

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Sarah Palin is a political juggernaut to be reckoned with. The media is absolutely obsessed with her. Sarah Palin is absolutely the socialists enemy. She is very well known and loved by the grass roots movement called the Tea Party.

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GOP's Mike Pence The Peoples Choice May Run For President

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Mike Pence is a self claimed Tea Partyer and the GOP establishment's worst night mare. He is also a staunch opposes of the democrats socialist programs like the stimulus bill.

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America will produce a conservative candidate who is called from a sense of duty and who is by God put into the correct place and circumstances at the right time that give them no choice but to step up and run for the highest office in our land.

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