Best Review - Top 3 ways to take a screenshot with the Galaxy Note 4


op three ways to take a screenshot with the Galaxy Note 4.
If you just bought Samsung Galaxy Note 4. than I suppose you wonder how to make a screenshot on it right?
So, how to make a screenshot on Galaxy Note 4?
Follow my steps, I also had a little fight to do that :)

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Way 1: The classic mode

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Press home and power button at the same time just for about 7 seconds. When you see the animation on the screen, and if the sound is turned on, you hear a click, you just made a screenshot . You can then slide your finger down from the top of the screen to share screenshots instantly, or look in the gallery, where it is also screenshot saved.

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Way 2: Karate chop gesture mode

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Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 3 like other Galaxy devices, you can use Palm swipe gesture to make screenshots, one of the many opportunities provided by the TouchWiz user interface. You must first ensure that is turned on in the setup of your note 4, which is under the movements and gestures menu. Then you can simply swipe the screen by hand from one side to the other side.
There will be some kind of scanning animation, and sound too, which lets you know that you made it

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Way 3: With the S Pen mode

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For this way its required the S Pen, note 4 built-in stylus to work and this way I think that only Note smartphone can do
The super thing about doing it this way is that you are able to write notes on it and edit screenshot after you take it. You can all start with a menu screen Write Air Command.

*To get access , remove the S Pen from your note 4, which should encourage Air Command menu to appear. If doesn't happens, you simple need to hover the pen tip across the screen, and press the button on the S Pen.
*Then tap on the screen Write menu Air Command using the S Pen.
*It will record the screen, and you can immediately start writing, drawing or writing on it.
As already mentioned, the screenshots displayed on the screen notifications, which represents a share button for you to share with your loved social networks, e-mail address, etc. Plus, your screenshot is saved in the Gallery app.

But for my my opinion it is always easier when you are watching a video instructions and you have them on youtube more than one. :)

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