Best Review - Top 3 ways to remove Superfish / WindowShopper crap from Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) and Chrome


uperfish is a crap software, also called Adware, but it is really just crap software bought to you by Israelis and US funds.. Perfect couple really!
It is installed without you knowing it via addons developers of addons / modules / plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers.. What it does is first make your computer slower, and secondly show you crap products related to an image on any site you visit.. How to remove this crap software? Easy, find the guilty addon and either find the settings option to disable the superfish plugin, or most likely if you don't find a way, and don't want to support the crappy developer, remove that extension!

Be careful because one popular addon is using on Firefox and you might not know it because it is disabled by default and simply tries to activate itself with the consent of the unsuspecting user the first time you visit a shopping site... This popular addon is no other than... Awesome ScreenShot !!!

Superfish / Windowshopper is crap software
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How do I remove WindowShopper?

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WindowShopper is a browser add-on that uses Superfish visual search technology to display deals and similar items for any product online. Called AdWare or crap software.. Once installed, it will present a See Similar icon next to product images on thousands of online stores in the US, UK, Germany, France and Australia. When one clicks on the See Similar icon, WindowShopper opens up and displays deals and visually similar products from hundreds of stores. Click on a result and you are taken to the store where you can learn more about or purchase the item.

Uninstall instructions for Internet Explorer browser:

Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program
Select Window Shopper > Uninstall

Uninstall instructions for Firefox:

Within your browser, go to Firefox > Add-ons > Extensions
Select WindowShopper > Disable or Remove

Uninstall instruction for Chrome:

Within your browser, go to Customize (the wrench icon on the right) > Tools > Extensions
Search for Superfish, FastestChrome, Read Later Fast, or 2YourFace and then click > Options.
From there, uncheck the Add Similar Product Search feature.

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What if I don't see WindowShopper in my list of add-ons or programs?

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If WindowShopper does not appear on your list of add-ons or programs, you are probably receiving our functionality through one of our distribution partners. Look for add-ons such as Surf Canyon, FastestFox, Conduit, Converter, Calculator, IETab Plus, Fox Lingo, FB-Timer, SmartSuggestor, Special Savings, Awesome ScreenShot, or Similar Web or several others Addons from crappy developers and go into their respective Options menu to disable the price comparison feature. Good luck with that!

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Let them know what you think of their crap software

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The email of Superfish / WindowShopper is but beware since their blog is abandonned (last entry in January 2011) they're probably drunk in a go-go bar in Pattaya and just don't care about what you think of their software..

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John's picture

In my case (Firefox), it was

In my case (Firefox), it was an option in Add-ON "IE View 1.5.5" which allowed it to use WizeShoppy. When I disabled that option, No-Script no longer complained about superfish.

a visitor's picture

THANK YOU! I found it in IE

THANK YOU! I found it in IE Toolbars & Extensions listed as Conduit Ltd. I disabled Translator and that took care of it! Yay!!! Wish I knew how the heck it got there in the first place - but it's disabled now.

Patrik's picture

Okay.. At first I thought

Okay.. At first I thought this was a new ebay "feature", because that's where I saw it the most (ebay item images). Turns out it doesn't have anything to do with ebay at all.

Some people on a German forum said it was gone after they disabled "Browser Companion Helper", but it constantly re-enables and re-installs itself.

I think I found the culprit in my case, which you might want to add to the long list in the article above..

The See Similar/Superfish bullshit was added to "FVD Video Downloader" (in my case version 5.1.4) in a recent update without user consent or any warning.

Plugin can be found (and rated 1 star :) like a lot of people did already) here:

You can disable "See similar" in the plugin's options, but to be honest, I just got rid of the plugin entirely. If the plugin developers pull off this sneaky bullshit once, they'll do it again.

Hope this helps someone out there..
Back to downloading my pr0n with the super bloaty sluggish firefox piece of shit and the plugin instead of using chrome. Can't have nice things :(

thriftgirl62's picture

I had heard of Superfish but

I had heard of Superfish but didn't know how it got on our ecommerce site several months ago. It kept showing competitors products next to ours but I finally found superfish installed with Chromes' "similar sites" defaulted to on so nobody knows it's even being installed or where it comes from. Does that mean everyone who came to our site also saw "see similar" next to every product image they looked at? Or was that just on my computer? It's gone now but it sure was annoying. Thanks - great TOPS btw.

james's picture

Yes thriftgirl62, only those

Yes thriftgirl62, only those who have this adware/malware/crap installed see the spam.. Don't worry, other users see the normal stuff.