Best Review - Top 3 Ways to Permanently Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 10


s soon as the System is switched on the Windows boots up and start applications in the background. Startup error messages appear when the system partially load up the Windows OS. If only windows logo has appeared and it stuck on the screen then it means an application is preventing it to load up. So to avoid these error check applications which perform operations on startup. Here are the best methods will resolve the Windows error permanently.

Windows 10 BIOS fix
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Modify the Boot Preference in Windows 10

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Computer/ laptop manufacturers set a system to boot up from CD, DVD, USB Drive or external hard drive. So if there is a change in the boot order the operating system fails to boot up.
Always check the boot order to which your system is set to
Switch on your computer and continuously press F8, ESC button or another keyboard button through which system goes to boot interface
Now check the order of boot USB, CD Drive, hard-drive or external USB
Windows by default load up with the first preferred device and if it is not available then it causes the error.

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Disconnect and Attach Correct USB Drive

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If the boot order is set to bootable USB drive and if a non-bootable drive is attached to system, then it will cause BIOS error
Remove the non-bootable drive
Attach the USB drive with which you load OS

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Run Windows Troubleshooter

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Most of the system are equipped with inbuilt Troubleshooting utility. Users can try this to fix BIOS errors. Always ensure that the power cable is connected (in case of laptops).
Switch on your computer and press the Key to enter BIOS setup
You will see System Diagnostics link
Move down with arrow button and run the diagnostics setup
It will automatically fix any errors with the BIOS
Now restart the system again and the window will load up

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When the windows load up look for applications that opens with startup and disable any unnecessary apps. With these methods, you can avoid Windows BIOS and Start-up errors and load windows operating system in your system.

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