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any English Language students tend to have a good grasp of the English grammar. However, conversational English can be quite a challenge. As an E.S.L. teacher I find that many English Language students spend most of their time studying English, but have very little opportunity to apply what they know (conversational skills) with a native English speaker or someone who speaks fluent English. As a result, there is some social anxiety with regards to instigating or starting a conversation with a native English speaker. What I find most interesting is that most foreign English students do understand and have the ability to write English well, but have weak conversational skills. In this article I am going to take a look at 3 ways in which an English Language student can improve their English conversational skills.

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Make Facebook Friends with Online English Schools/Academies

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There are more online English Language schools (E.S.L) or academies springing up over the past 10 years than there have ever been before. These online academies offer online language classes with English speaking natives all over the world, which creates a wonderful opportunity for foreign English students/speakers to practice their English in their native countries!

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Watch English Movies & Listen to English Songs!

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Another great way to improve one's English listening skills, fluency and accent is to watch English movies and listen to English songs. These are some of the most inexpensive and efficient ways to improve fluency and conversational skills. However, the student has to be consistent and committed to learning.

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Practice Dialog with Other English Students Like You!

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Finally, practicing dialog on a topic or hobby of interest with another English Language student like you is a great way to build ones conversational skills. Practice obviously makes one better, but it's a great way to get feedback from someone you trust and are comfortable speaking English with. I offer lots of great opportunity to practice English dialog on a variety of topics on this site. Check it out!

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These are just some wonderful ways to improve one’s English conversational skills. However, keep in mind that this requires consistency and commitment on your part before you should start seeing any results.

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