Best Review - Top 3 Ways to Handle Windows 10 Class Not Registered Error


any of the users have complain of error ‘Class not Registered’ in Windows 10. The error generally encounters while opening images, PDF or any other browser. So, it is not related to specific application. However the browser like chrome, firefox repairs it automatically. The main problem lies is while opening images and windows shows ‘class not registered’ error. There are some techniques by which you can remove Windows 10 class not registered here.
‘Class not registered’ error also occur while opening explorer.exe, Excel, regsvr32, Outlook, Edge, Taskbar, or windows media player. Even PDF files are also affected by ‘Class not registered’. So, before it affects the entire system immediate steps should be taken to resolve it.

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Use Windows 10 Component Service

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Open the run command by window key + R
Type dcomcnfg in the Run dialog box and press OK
Now the ComponentServices Window will open
Expand the component service> computer and then My computer
Select the DCOM Config in the centre menu
Click Yes on DCOM warning messages
Register or Record messages with Yes option
Close the component services window
Restart the PC and the ‘Class not registered’ error will be removed

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Disable iCloud in Windows 10

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iCloud is also one of the reason why users get ‘Class not registered here’
Press the CTRL+ ALT+ DEL button to open task manager
When the Task Manager window opens, look for the iCloud applications
Right click on iCloud and select End Task
Click on the Startup tab and look for iCloud
Now select the application and disable it from startup

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Reset Windows 10 using PowerShell

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You can use PowerShell to remove ‘Class not registered’
Go to Start and Type CMD
Now run CMD as administrator and run powershell
In the CMD window type powershell and press enter
The PowerShell command window will open, type the following command
Get-AppXPackage|Foreach{Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
Press Enter and reset Windows
If the problem is only in Image viewer or windows then try the Windows Data Recovery Software

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In this way you can remove the ‘Class not registered’ error in windows 10. If you are among the one’s who are facing the error in opening image and pictures then select the appropriate method to view images in Windows 10.

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