Best Review - Top 3 Ways to get a FREE Amazon Giftcard from Swagbucks


f you do any shopping on Amazon then you may be interested in learning how to get FREE Amazon giftcards by joining the free search and win website called Swagbucks. What is Swagbucks? Basically they give you points, which they call Swagbucks, for doing things on their website including using their search bar to search the internet. They also hide these little things called Swag Codes on their website, which are worth more points (swagbucks). Once you have enough Swagbucks in your account you can redeem them for all kinds of giftcards or even real money to your Paypal account. Since I shop on Amazon all the time, I like to redeem my Swagbucks for Amazon giftcards. Here's how I get FREE Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks.

For a point of reference, it takes 450 SwagBucks to redeem for a $5 Amazon giftcard.

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Win Free Giftcards with Swagbucks
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Search the Web - Earn up to 50 Swagbucks - 3 Times per Day

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You can earn up to 50 Swagbucks, up to 3 times per day for searching the web from their Swagbucks search bar. You can easily do incorporate this into your day by making Swagbucks your homepage. Then simply use the search bar to navigate to your next website, like facebook, or whereever you planned to go on the web. Just search for "xyz website". If you don't have a box popup that says you just won SwagBucks, then go to the second page. I find that a lot of times when I go to the second page of search results after spending at least 30 seconds on the first page, then I win Swagbucks on the second page. You can usually win about three times per day. So do a search in the morning when you first get on your computer. After you win, then wait until later in the afternoon to try again. If you happen to be on the computer again at night, do another search. You could win up to 150 Swagbucks per day doing this. But more commonly you'll earn 8 or 9 Swagbucks when you do win, so expect to average around 25 SwagBucks per day with this tatic. JOIN SWAGBUCKS for FREE here

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Find Swag Codes

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Swag Codes are little strings of text that usually makes no sense, are are hidden within the Swagbucks website. They look like this: "Hooray7EGZbw"

Sometimes they are on the blog, sometimes they are in a product description in the store. The blog will give you hints about where they are hidden. They are only valid for a certain number of hours, or until a certain number of members find them. If you find one you copy it and paste it into the box on the homepage that says "Enter your Swag Code". Make sure when you copy the Swag Code that you didn't copy a space either before or after the code, otherwise it won't work when you paste it in the box. Just delete any spaces after the code once you put it into the box. There are also blogs online that are dedicated solely to notify you when a new code is released and where you can find it.

Here's a blog that lists the swagcodes, plus codes from other sites, so look for blog posts that say SwagCode -

Most Swag Codes are worth 12-14 SwagBucks and there are usually a few released per week. Join Swagbucks for FREE here

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Refer Friends to SwagBucks

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Here's another way to really get more SwagBucks. Refer your friends through your SwagBucks referral link. When you do this, every time your friend earns Swagbucks for their Searches, you will also earn swagbucks. So if you friend uses the search bar to navigate to their favorite website, like I outlined in #1, and they win 15 swagbucks for doing that, you also win 15 swagbucks. If you have a lot of referrals who are active using the "search bar" method I outlined in #1, you can get a lot of swagbucks quickly. Join Swagbucks for FREE here

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If you combine these three methods and you use the Swagbucks website often, then you will be on your way to earning a $5 Amazon giftcard in no time.

Let's say you earn 25 swagbucks per day for 5 days = 125 Swagbucks
Let's say you also find 2 swagcodes a week for another = 25 Swagbucks
And you have 3 referrals that also get 100 per week EACH from searches = 300 Swagbucks
That gives you 450 Swagbucks PER WEEK which means you could buy a $5 Amazon giftcard each week with your Swagbucks! Just for being on the computer which you are doing anyway!

If you join Swagbucks using my referral link let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to notify you if I see any Swagcodes that are posted so you can find them too! Questions? Ask me in the comments!

Join Swagbucks HERE and start getting FREE Amazon Giftcards

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azlaird's picture

I just used another FREE $5

I just used another FREE $5 giftcard tonight on an Amazon order! And I'm almost already at enought SwagBucks to cash out another one! The referral program really helps you get SwagBucks quicker, so if you have friends that would like free giftcards (iTunes too!), then send them your referral code and if they join, every time they get SwagBucks for searches, you'll get SwagBucks too. Remember, you can usually get SwagBucks for searches 2-3 times per day, so search in the am until you get SwagBucks, then come back later in the day and search again! PS...sometimes you can get SwagBucks for searches awarded when you go 2 or 3 pages deep in the search results, then all of a sudden the SwagBucks award will show up. Here's the signup link again:

azlaird's picture

I just cashed out another $5

I just cashed out another $5 Amazon giftcard from Swagbucks.