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as bad breath finally caught up with you and just can't seem to get rid of it no matter how many mouthwashes you use. Well apparently, bad breath comes from very poor dental hygiene normally linked to gum disease eventually producing chronic bad breath. However, some health experts believe that halitosis is actually caused by a bacteria known as anaerobic which clings onto tongue fibers whenever the environment inside our mouth becomes oxygen decreased and then releases an acid compound attributing to a malodorous smell. But there's certain other things contributing to bad breath like sinus infections, constipation, liver disease, sore throats and smoking. Consuming onions, fish, garlic, coffee, spicy foods and medication usage. Here are helpful tips for reducing bad breath odors:

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Eliminate Smoking For Good

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Stop smoking, especially heavy tobacco because it leaves an unflattering lasting odor in your mouth and causes yellow stains on teeth.

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Consume Crunchy Fresh Vegetables And Herbs

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Eating green crunchy vegetables such as lettuce, celery, apples and carrots cleanses teeth and attacks plaque, leaving behind fresh breath. Also, chewing parsley and mint hides and freshens bad breath.

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Remember To Brush Your Tongue

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Your tongue can breed bacteria causing bad odor build up, so when brushing teeth and flossing, make sure to do your tongue, but gently.

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