Best Review - Top 3 Ways To Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Skin Cancer


o you sometimes forget about slathering sunscreen on your bare skin before leaving the house? If so, then you might be exposing it to harmful ultraviolet rays whch are responsible for permeating into your glass windows, even causing premature wrinkles, damaged skin and being connected to lightings inside tanning beds, eventually leading to some form of skin cancer found visibly on face, nose, neck, arms, back, hands, etc. Skin cancer starts out like a suspicious mole or bump appearing abnormal in shape, border, size, color along with itching and bleeding, more likely from spending years getting one painful sunburn after another, possibly turning into squamous, basal cell or the deadly melanoma unless detected earlier rather than later.
Below are several tips for preventing skin cancer:

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Find The Right Type Of Sunscreen Products For Daily Protection

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When buying sunscreens, use a higher SPF factor, search for ingredients containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Also, reapply every two hours while sweating and swimming using lasting waterproof sunscreens.

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Wear Protective Hats And Carry Open Umbrellas Over Heads

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To keep sun continously off facial and cheek areas, put on a wide hat or use a regular umbrella to block ultraviolet rays.

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Apply Sunscreen To The Most Overlooked Areas

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We tend to forget about applying sunscreen on ears, lips and feet that are easily vulnerable to sunlight and need attention too.

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