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his summer is expected to be way more hotter than last year with temperatures likely soaring and hovering around 120 degrees, remaining steadily in several cities. Its actually a welcoming change especially after enduring another long harsh, wintery and snowy season that has left most people numb and frustrated again. Unfortunately, the overwhelming heat index can be unbearable because we're constantly wiping off exhausting sweat, experiencing breathing problems and possibly on the verge of a very serious heat stroke due to a rising abnormal body temp while still suffering immensely to stay extra cool. Here's some solutions for fighting the summer heat intensity:

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Prevent Major Dehydration

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Its obvious that the summer heat is especially overpowering if you make a living working outside or doing outdoor activities. Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily keeps inside body hydrated to avoid fainting. Also, eating foods containing water like cucumbers, watermelons, celery, cantaloupe and watery popsicle treats.

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Find Plenty Of Shade To Stand Under

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Whenever sun exposure is getting too sweaty, seek out some shade, stops sun rays from penetrating directly onto yourself and provides real cooling off.

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Use Adequate Air Conditioners And Fans To Maintain Coolness

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Having good running air conditioners and fans helps ward off sweltering hot weather inside your home. Its best to leave your air conditioners on consistently.

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