Best Review - Top 3 ways to contemplate being divine.


t is incredible to observe how various cultures experience 'being divine'. As human 'beings', we do tend to strive and push a lot more than what we tend to appreciate just 'being'.

We do things through intent, either to inspire ourselves or to inspire those who matter to us. To many it is of most importance to be the best of the best, and then receive the crowning glory of some sort to suit. Nevertheless, is it always necessary to strive so hard? Today I find out why the bodybuilder's biggest achievement may cost him a lot more than a title or protein shakes, how an Indian girl changed beauty in America, and how a Filipina girl made world history!
Yes, some strive and work hard for this glory and honor, and other merely have festivals to celebrate that which is provided to them, by sharing their appreciation of divine light through rangoli and diwali. I trust this light to be with you. Namaste.

For even scientists know that white light is the creator of all colors.
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The divine spiritual distributor of color.

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Having spent 31 October delving into the history and origins of Saints Day, it was a great time of reflection and meditation, and the added bonus is that there was no need to face myself smeared in end-of-the-evening Halloween make up. Ah, the memories of sharing the full Halloween make up and costume experience with family and friends!

Ce la vie, but the Hindu Festival of Dhanteras is inspiring me, and maybe this Festival of Light can inspire you too.

Hindu worship Lakshmi daily as she is the goddess of material and spiritual wealth and thereby provides beauty, prosperity, and welfare. God Himself said, 'I am a God with many names'. Thereby, the Creator within me acknowledges the Creator within the Hindu. I find this festival fabulous, and feel so motivated to create a rangoli design in my garden this weekend!

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Mustache Mr. Olympia in Movember?

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Heavens, it is already 8 November, or is it Movember, the month of growing a moustache in a bold attempt to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

I have only seen one man growing his whiskers for the cause in my little village, probably because most of the farmers here already wear them. I am confidant Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath is grateful the Olympia contest was held in September.

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Beauty Queen overcomes crumbling orphanage floorings.

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Beauty Queen, Megan Lynne Young, born 27 February 1990 in Virginia, USA, won the Miss World Philippines title, before reigning the world of beauty and glamour by being crowned Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Thereby Megan Young is the first Filipina to wear this crown.

Only two months after the crowning of Miss World 2013, Megan Young and her team were visiting an orphanage in Port au Prince until the flooring collapsed. A video of Megan being interviewed has been released, the video also contains footage of Megan and her team's visit leading up to the traumatic moment.

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Then God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. Genesis 1: 16.

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