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n the modern time, we all are using Gmail for messaging, but for business purposes for employees to message between each other and share data sometimes the cloud storage provided becomes less as the Gmail only provides 15 GB free storage. In some situations, for a company to share data between one to other and also work on the Gmail application, the company buys a domain with some cloud storage. This storage is then distributed among the employees (data distributed may not be the same). In some situation, the G Suite data needs to be backed up by the company or the employee itself. Thus these data are backed up and are used when required and sometimes the space made free is reused by other employee or the same.

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Best Method to Backup G Suite Data

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With SysTools Google Apps / G Suite Backup Tool, the list of the best way to backup G Suite data starts as always. The new updated version has came up with the facility to backup the data of specific date. With this facility now the user can backup data of only few days as required and not all the complete data. The tool also provides a full statistics of the backup process with the total number of mailbox item counts with failed counts as well (if any). The time for the backup is also been made less so that the backup is held is less time from before and compared to other backup methods. Also no credential details are stored by the tool providing full safety for the user data.

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Sync Google apps account to other Email Client

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In linking G Suite account with other Email Clients, the data is viewable to both the email clients. The recommended Email-client is Outlook as it can view about 5 email clients at the same time and also it is easy to backup bulk data from Outlook Email client. Syncing Google apps to Outlook or any other email client, the IMAP must be enabled. The the outlook is configured so that the mails in G suite is also viewed in Outlook. Then afterwards outlook can create backup of the G Suite data.
This process is a lengthy process and is needed to be done with at-most concentration, as if any step goes wrong, the whole configuration is to be restarted and is recommended mainly for technical users.

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Direct G Suite data Backup to Local Drive

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While saving the data in the G Suite mailbox is directly to a local drive or hard drive, the IMAP must be enabled. Then only the backup is to be done. As the process of backup is successfully completed at the user-end, the time taken to complete the backup process of backing up the mailbox items leads to the number of items included in the backup. Also, if the delivery method is to mail to your account then, that backup data is only accessible to a week, before the week’s the completed the data needs to be downloaded and saved in the local drive. If the weeks completed and the data is not accessed, the data then become inaccessible and the backup process is to be re-performed.

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