Best Review - Top 3 War Stories worth to read 2012


he world now is in chaos and if you are looking for great stories that talks about world Wars then check the list of World War stories worth to read.

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History repeat itself and it happen many times that sometimes we don’t know that it is already happening. Let’s take the invasion of Poland for example, if it was prevented Hitler could not have the courage to march his soldiers to other neighboring countries after Poland. China is becoming aggressive to its neighbors in South China Sea and her leaders have plans to get back what they believe is theirs, they have claimed the entire South China Sea. - Read More
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The Aggressive China to South China Sea

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The scarborough shoal is a triangle-shaped chain of reefs and rocks or very small islands 55 kilometres (34 mi) in circumference with a total area including shallow water areas of 150 square kilometers. The shoal encompasses a shallow lagoon measuring 130 km² and approximately 15 metres (49 ft) deep. The shoal is a protrusion from a 3,500 m deep abyssal plain. The shoal is just 137 miles from the Philippines and 400 nautical miles away from China. China presented historical documents claiming that they own the entire South China Sea including the Scarborough shoal would you believe that? The Philippines have also presented documents way back from Spanish and American occupations that they own the shoal. Why China suddenly became so greedy to the entire South China Sea? Philippines and China are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Do we have to listen to historical claims of China and not the International laws that both countries agreed? When the Philippines wanted the issue to be carried out to the International court China reacted and wanted bilateral talks instead. Do you think that they are fair? The Philippines have only sent 2 coast guard boats to guard its sovereignty while China sent 8 of their finest ships. - Read more
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China's Powerful Weapons

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China's Military spending brought fear to many neighboring countries and other superpowers. Not only China has the number of soldiers and technologies but they also have the weapons that could win wars in days. The world is in peace but it seems China is trying to bring tension to many countries. What ever their leaders are preparing for, I think it is something to do with Taiwan, South China Sea, Diaoyu Islands,etc. China cover their intention with diplomacy, but at the back of it they are gearing for something big. - Read More
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