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or those of us who celebrate Christmas, it doesn't feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree. Whether you have limited space in your home for a real or artificial full-size Christmas tree or want some extra decorations to put around your home, a wall hanging Christmas tree is a great choice. There's no need to settle for not having a tree due to lack of space. With one that hangs on a wall you can put the hanging tree nearly anywhere. For those who want to add onto the decorations in their home, you can put one in every room, if you choose.

wall hanging christmas tree
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Pre Lit Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

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A pre lit tree, such as the Pre-Lit and Pre-Decorated Hanging Wall Tree by Celestial Lights provides an easy decoration that takes up little space on your wall. Yet, it adds a great deal to the holiday atmosphere of your home. While battery powered you can, if so inclined, carefully 'rewire' the tree with a 5 or 9-volt power adapter. You may be able to use up to a 12-volt power adapter but there's a chance, although unlikely, that it may burn out some of the bulbs or reduce the life of the lighting. All in all, this is a great decoration that'll last for years to come.

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Artificial Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

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There's no shortage of wall hanging Christmas trees available for your Christmas decoration needs. You can make a choice of a plain, undecorated and unlit artificial Norway Spruce, an artificial fir tree, or even artificial trees with lighting or colored in red or white.

My choice of wall hanging Christmas trees though are the Pre-Lit Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Wall Tree with Warm LED Lighting and the Flocked Alaskan Artificial Christmas Wall Tree

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Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Wall Tree

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The lighting of the Douglas fir create an excellent Christmas-sy glow and atmosphere as the only light source in a room. While the Alaskan artificial tree comes in a snow-white color but doesn't have lighting.

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