Best Review - Top 3 Urinary Symptoms Treatments

1.Painfully Urination.
You may experience burning sensation during Urination.
2.Abdominal Pain.
Mostly experience at left lower and right lower abdomen the place kidney located.
This is when temperature is more than 37.5°C,present with high or low grade fever.

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Painfully Urination treatments

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By using drug like cital syrup is best for relief of painfully Urination or burning sensation caused by uti or other urethritis diseases.
During cital medication still antibiotic remaine as target drug to clear Urinary infection.

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Abdominal Pain treatments

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Mostly present with adominal pain at the left and right lower abdomen.By using ant pain like paracetamol, brufen can help for pain relief while in antibiotics treatments like nitrofuranoin,amox clavu and etc.

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Fever Treatments

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There many type of ant pyretic drug but Using ant fever like pcm,pyrosicam is mostly good. Then continue with antibiotics treatment to clear infections.
Remember using ant fever only can not clear infections,so antibiotics is necessary.

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Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) is Significant bacteriuria or presence of bacteria in urinary tract.
UTI divided into 3 category
1.Urethritis-this means infection to urethra,which may present by painfully Urination or burning sensation.
2.Cystitis means infection to the urinary blader, may present as lower abdomen pain.
3.Pyelonephritis infection to the kidney nephrolone,can present as loin(side) pain/tenderness.

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