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For the first time, this is the top 3 income from upload video. 1. Flixya, is most very active and popular, you can share video, photo and blogs here, and get 100% revenue from adsense. 2. Ticfeed, is the new site that give you free income, just for uploading video, photo and sharing blog. Not only that, you will can earn by referral. this site is still prelaunched and you have the opportunity to recruit as many you can.. visited my link to register 3. Daceband Daceband reward their members for almost everything they do on the site-whether it's blogging, watching videos, photos, playing a game, listening to music or even just login in. We have more than 7 ways for our members to make money so your earning potential is limitless! for the conclusion, you must try this opportunity, will post some more.. thank you Flixya Flixya is the top and the biggest adsense sharing for upload video, blog and photo. Ticfeed Second and the new you can earn money from sharing video, photo and blog Daceband Now in third place, but still you can try this one out..
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I haven't heard of these. I

I haven't heard of these. I will have to check them out. Thanks!