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he top 3 upcoming game releases that are shrouded in mystery. For some reason game developers have taken to using mystery as a type of advertising gimmick in order to build hype for their game release. They do this by releasing vague information such as leaked screenshots, or by not releasing any information for long periods of time before suddenly releasing a plethora. Here is a list of the top 3 upcoming games that are shrouded in mystery with explanations of the mystery surrounding them. Some of them are so mysterious that it is difficult to tell if they are even in development or not, with the companies behind them often giving conflicting information as well.

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Doom 4

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With the failure of ID Software’s Rage and the lack of information concerning Doom 4 it was thought that development of the game was permanently stalled. However, very recently there has been a series of leaked screenshots that seem to suggest the game is quite far along in development, assuming said screenshots are real.

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Silent Hill Downpour

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There was a lot of information in the press about Silent Hill Downpour, then when the release date was delayed the entire team went oddly silent. Who knows what is going on, but it should be out soon and hopefully will be good.

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Guild Wars 2

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Is this game ever going to be released? What is going on with it? Guild Wars 2 seems to be at the centre of attention and yet so little in the way of details are released. I am not really a major fan of MMORPGs, but I am sure many people find the wait for this one very irritating.

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james's picture

I won't like doom for sure.

I won't like doom for sure. Now I like realistic looking games such as battlefield 3 and the upcoming GTA V.
But I wish there was much more gore in those games.. But the trend is rather in less gore and more politically correct.. That's a shame, but I understand the game publishers, they don't want their game to be forbidden, also they don't want their game to be allowed to be sold only in adult stores..
But if there could be gorish version with no limits, available only online, that would be nice. :-)

EsotericArticles's picture

Doom 3 was actually

Doom 3 was actually surprisingly awesome, its atmosphere was absolutely intense.