Best Review - Top 3 Unexpectedly Popular Internet Topics of January 2012


anuary of 2012 has been a strange period in which a whole series of issues and new topics arose. The three most unexpectedly popular topics have been the Ocean Marketing/Paul Christoforo controversy, the cleverbot chat AI and the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). It will be interesting to see what unexpected trends emerge in the coming months. Herein, I will explore the top three unexpectedly popular internet topics of January 2012 and discuss them in a little detail, explaining the basic gist of each of them.

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Ocean Marketing

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The strange series of emails between Penny Arcade and Ocean Marketing president Paul Christoforo has been a surprisingly popular topic in January of 2012. Essentially, Paul Christoforo insulted a friend of a friend of Penny Arcade, resulting in Penny Arcade posting a transcript of the emails. The subsequent response from the fans of the Penny Arcade web comic lead to a whole series of problems for Paul Christoforo. Personally, I am at least slightly on Paul’s side as he is the underdog.

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The Cleverbot chat AI remains oddly and consistently popular in the New Year, with a strong search performance. Part of what makes Cleverbot so popular is that it is still learning, so its responses are getting better and often funnier. It will be interesting to see if an excess of possible responses results in Cleverbot being a lesser bot.

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SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is becoming an increasingly important topic that may very well dramatically change the way the Internet functions. The idea with SOPA is that webmasters and website owners that do not do enough to prevent privacy on their websites are able to be legally prosecuted. Whether this is for the best or not is a difficult debate as on one hand the copyright issues associated with the Internet are a major issue, on the other prosecuting people that just host a website risks punishing a lot of innocent people.

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