Best Review - Top 3 Topics Taught in Multiple Sclerosis Stress Management Program

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A recent study done on patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) showed that effective stress management can help prevent the development of new lesions. In this study which had more than 100 participants, the MS patients were divided into two groups. One group was enrolled in a 16 session stress management program and the other group just received a 5 hour stress management session. Therefore, don't wait until you have MS, begin managing stress in your life today by taking a Stress Management Course Relaxation techniques Relaxation techniques were taught in the group of patients with MS in the study. Problem Solving Skills Problem solving skills were taught in the stress management program that was beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis. Engaging in Positive Activities Engaging in positive activities was one of the topics taught and buy this I believe they were being encouraged to do things that they enjoy.
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