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veryone is known with Google mail, usually known as Gmail. Gmail is mostly used by everyone for mailing and the Gmail is set as the primary mail for all other purpose accounts. But nowadays the organizations prefer another mailing account to share information between employees of the company for the business purpose. And the working on Gmail is known by all.
Thus, Google introduced a new mailing platform for business purposes. This new mailing platform was termed G suite which was like Gmail, but some extra features were added in G suite other than the ones in Gmail. The G suite is a paid platform and the organization has to purchase a G suite domain to work with the G suite domain. An administrator account is made that creates and provide space for other accounts created under this domain.
At times the situations come such that an account is to be deleted that is no longer in use, but the data in it is to be backed up. Thus, three G suite Backup tools are compared that easily save the G suite data to the hard drive.

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SysTools Google Apps Backup

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SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool tops the list for backing up the G suite mailbox data to the system hard drive. The tool has features such as applying a filter to the Email folders or emails so that the whole Google Apps data is not backed up rather the data required is only backed up. Another popular feature in the tools is Delete after Download, which deletes backed up data from the account automatically after that data is backed up to the system (machine).
The backup file could be among the popular file formats such as PST, MBOX, EML, MSG. The backup for both administrator account as well as an individual account is provided differently which is to be specified at the start. The tool maintains the integrity of data being backed up and their folder hierarchy as well. The tool provides a trial version through which the user get an idea of the functionalities provided in the backup tool.

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Google Apps Backup Software

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The Google Apps Backup Software takes the second place in the best tools for backing up G suite mail account. This tool has features such as converting large G suite mail files to PST/EML/MBOX/MSG file formats and store them on the backed up system for the future use. Also provides the feature of filters that lets the user to set filters to backup few mail box data. Interface for admin account and user account is some what different while the progress status stays same for both. A trial version is provided for users to get along with the tool before going for the whole suite backup.

Top 3

G Suite / Google Apps Backup

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Number three stand in the G suite Backup is G Suite / Google Apps Backup Tool. This tool is somewhat similar to SysTools Google Apps Backup tool. The tool downloads Email, Contacts, Drive (Documents) & Calendar data for Business to popular file formats such as PST, EML, MBOX. The software automatically deletes the backed up mailbox data if the archive data button is enabled. Filters are provided that let the users export few mailbox items to the machine.

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The G suite is a paid platform of mailing for business purpose. Top three G suite Backup tools are discussed here. All three tools have a trial version to get known. Choose the tool that suits you the best.

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