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f you want to get your body in shape with the minimum effort, then toning sandals are definitely the way forward. There are many great brands on the market and all will help you to get in shape, correct the posture and improve overall body wellness. However to do it in style and comfort, these are my top three brands of toning sandal currently on the market.

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FitFlop Sandals

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The FitFlop came to the market in 2007 and became and instant success being one of the first shoes released which helped to tone the body simply by walking. The highly comfortable construction, super shock absorption and great range of styles makes them the toning sandals of choice for the summer.
The range has since been expanded to provide a toning sandal for all occasions, be it casual everyday wear, sandals for work, beach wear, or smart evening sandals. There is a good selection for both men and women, and even the kids can benefit from posture correction too.
Simply by changing over to these shoes will get up to 30% more toning to the lower body with every step taken.

Top 2

Skechers Tone Ups

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Skechers Tone Ups offer a home grown alternative to the British FitFlop, and combine Skechers extensive experience in producing highly fashionable and comfortable footwear with their Kinetic Wedge midsole technology to get the extra burn with each step.
There has been a massive expansion in styles over the past 12 months and the range now includes a broader selection than the FitFlop. They beat the FitFlop on price too. They will give you up to 30% more toning, correct the posture and are highly comfortable to wear.
However there has to be a winner, and despite the excellent features and benefits, the Tone Ups are beaten by a nose and come in second due to marginally better styling in the FitFlop.

Top 3

New Balance Rock & Tone Sandals

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New Balance produces only one sandal, but how many sandals do you really need? Rock & Tone sandals offer a highly comfortable design, great looks and a secure and snug fit. Soft on the feet and hard on the muscles, the shoes help you to burn off those excess calories and get up to 27% more toning to the lower body.
The shoes are well priced, and a great choice for round by the pool, summer walking, a day at the beach and for general casual wear. Not the best choice for a night out it has to be said, but for daytime wear they are a great choice.

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Between these three brands of toning sandals you have all of the bases covered. You will get the maximum wear, the best in comfort and the top designs at the best prices. Perfect for keeping the lower body in shape in the warmer months, they are also a great step towards improved personal wellness and trouble free joints.

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