Best Review - Top 3 Tips For Treating Acute Cystitis Infections


uring regular bathroom visits, have ever noticed a tingling burning sensation suddenly disrupting your normal urine flow? Then you might be experiencing a urinary infection known as cystitis that occurs when the bladder becomes inflamed because of germy bacteria which spreads to the lower urinary tract bought on by fragrant chemical irritants, alcohol and soda consumption, poor hygiene, diabetes and menopause. Apparently, most women compared to men are far more likely to contract cystitis. A woman's urethra is much shorter making it easier for clusters of E.coli to go back and forth, settling directly into bladder before releasing urine. And when a man does get urinary bacteria, its due to his enlarging prostatic gland. But should certain bladder infections including urethritis and pyleonephritis last approximately more than three days, it could result in serious back pain or kidney damage. Here's some tips to fight off cystitis.

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Vitamin C

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Taking vitamin c supplements blocks bacteria and works as a diuretic.

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Cranberry Juice And Water

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Drink 100% sugarless cranberry juice several times daily which reduces and rids of cystitis. Consuming water six glasses a day will keep flushing out all that awful urinary tract bacteria.

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Avoid Doing Things To Further Irritate Bladder

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Don't hold back urine, always empty bladder immediately, preventing increased bacteria. Bypass caffeine.

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