Best Review - Top 3 Tips for Healthy Supermarket Shopping

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With a little pre planning you can ensure your visit to the supermarket will provide you with healthy foods. Read on to discover how. If you plan your list beforehand, eat before you shop and use the perimeter of the supermarket where you will find fresh foods, then you will succeed in shopping healthily. Plan a list of items Before you set off to the supermarket plan what you need. Make sure you stick to your list of healthy and fresh products. Eat Before You Shop Always try to shop on a full stomach. Have a healthy snack of fresh fruit or something similar before you venture near the supermarket. You will then be less tempted to buy convenience foods or snacks. Keep to the Perimeter of the Supermarket The perimeter of the supermarket is where you will find all the fresh produce. Here you will find counters and stalls stacked with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and a fish counter, too. Try to focus on these areas of foods which will have no additives. This is the healthy food section.
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Find more details of healthy

Find more details of healthy supermarket shopping at

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That's so true, I know

That's so true, I know especially the part about writing down a list and going there with full stomach.. With full stomach everything looks so not cool, no problem not buying them! So it's easy to just keep to your planned list.
As for fresh fruits and stuff, I buy them at the supermarket too since it's not really my passion to buy food, it's only a necessity..
Although here in thailand there are street vendors with food stalls about everywhere and especially one just as I go out from my building, so I buy fruits from them, for instance for watermelon I don't take the small pieces they cutted I don't know when and left in the sun, I ask for a full watermelon, or pineapple cutted right in front of me and put in a bag, that's convenient.

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Thanks for sharing, James.

Thanks for sharing, James. Using the perimeter has certainly helped my approach to shopping healthily. It's interesting to hear about how you shop in Thailand, too. I have other healthy food articles and vegetarian recipes on infobarrel if you'd like to read them. Send me a post if you want the URL's.

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Hello thank you, I'm not

Hello thank you, I'm not especially interested in eating articles, I was just passing by as I was moderating the comment spam and thought I should add a genuine comment or two on tops that members have posted. :-)

If I could just eat a pill a day and be fine or not worse than with eating food like now, I would do it in a heartbeat. I don't enjoy the eating stuff (input / output), I don't cook, but your method for going to the supermarket makes it easy not to buy junk food. Sometimes I regret it when I'm at home and have nothing with processed sugar but then I eat some nuts or a fruit and after I'm not hungry anymore, so it's all in the head really :-)

I think I have already enjoyed a lot of junk food and drinks, I could die now or stop eating junk food that wouldn't be called torture or a pleasureless life..

The problem is my taste means I can easily spot the bad food, it's simple: if I find something good tasting, it means it is bad for health.. If the taste is neutral or bad it means it is maybe good for health or surely good for health.. Sad isn't it? :-)