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he reason some bathtubs never get cleaned properly is that it's hard work. Nevertheless, there are some tips taught by experience that might pave the way to a healthy, regular cleaning schedule in the future.

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Use Ajax or Comet

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There's no substitute for the abrasive effect of a good, powdered cleanser, and while you're at it, a good sponge with an abrasive side to it. Bathtubs resist cleaning. It's your job to clean them anyway.

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Rinse thoroughly

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No one wants to take a bath in a supposedly clean tub only to find that he or she appears to be floating in Ajax or Comet. While these abrasive cleansers are your friends when it comes to cleaning, they can come back to bite you unless you rinse them away meticulously. Don't settle for just throwing a cup of water around here and there. Turn on the shower and aim it all over the place until you've thoroughly rinsed off every bit of white powdered soap. If there's no shower, throw repeated buckets of clean water until you finish the job of rinsing.

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Play rough with plastic containers

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Very few people have the lack of wisdom to put breakable, glass containers in the bathtub area where they could fall and spread shards of dangerous glass everywhere. Therefore, the shampoo containers, soap dishes, bath toys, and other objects that you encounter in your ordeal are not going to cause trouble because they will be plastic. You can knock them over, spray them hard during the shower-rinse phase, and get them good and clean before you put them back into place where you found them.

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While burning calories is a necessary bi-product of bathtub cleaning, the job does not have to be dangerous or back-breaking. Think of it as a sport.

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