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s we say goodbye to 2016 and usher in 2017, let us look at what trends are being predicted for the new year when it comes to wall and floor tiles. Just as the fashions for clothing, household accessories and even home décor colours change from year to year so do the trends on which tiles we should be using in our homes. So, which colours of tiles will be bang on trend this year? Will patterns be in or plain tiles? And which shape of tile should be top of your list when planning work on your home.

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When it comes to colour one of the biggest trends predicted for 2017 is Teal, whilst this was the hottest colour in 2016 it is going to be just as popular in 2017 and for just about everything in the home. Teamed with natural shades of pale brown for a perfect complimentary colour selection, teal is the perfect shade for a modern bathroom so keep an eye out for teal tiles for your walls. Grey, the modern-day magnolia, is one of the hottest new colours set to tick all the boxes in the coming season; all shades from light to dark but with an emphasis on the darker shades which will team perfectly with the paler neutral, matte and nude shades of tile that are also expected to be very popular. With both on trend colours being on the darker side careful consideration will need to be made to their use in smaller rooms, with care being made to use good lighting sources to avoid making rooms seem too small.

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Patterns look set to make a big splash in 2017 with more natural patterns being very popular. Whilst marble tiles are costly they are likely to see an increase in popularity; their natural unique patterns and colours, and of course the luxurious touch that they bring to any room making a bold statement in any room but especially a bathroom and teamed with gold details in the fixtures. Textured wood effect ceramic tiles are also predicted to be one of the big things for 2017 with their natural pattern effects and with an all-round versatility that natural wood simply does not have for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.
In addition to these natural patterns expect to see plenty of very bold patterned tiles making a huge statement everywhere, preferable in muted or monochrome tones, these will offer a perfect antidote to the harsher straight lines of your room and give it that unique personal touch.

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Tile shape

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Shaped tiles; hexagons, triangles and diamonds are certain to be on the increase in 2017, and why not with their classic geometrical design. Hexagons in particular offer a very popular design combination to any room, whether you choose between just 2 shades or many the combinations can produce some very effective and unusual results that will make any room a design triumph.

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With all these trends to consider, what will your tile choice for 2017 include?

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