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mail migration is one of the biggest headaches to deal with both in public and private sectors. Be it for individual satisfaction or business need. And even if it involves small scale or large scale migration. The complexity of the task never ceases to decrease even a bit.
Same is the case with Thunderbird to Outlook Migration. Both Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook sits at the pinaccle of email clients and still you cannot switch between them using normal means. The easiest way to do that is simply let go of all your Thunderbird data and start using Outlook. But is it practical way to go about things? Absolutely Not! Especially for businesses where this data can become a thin line between profits and bankruptcy.
SO after careful analysis of different techniques(both manual and automated), we have come up with a list of Best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter. The efficiency, the accuracy and the end results – everything about these top Thunderbird to Outlook Converter strongly point towards a No-Nonsense approach during email conversion.

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Best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

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With SysTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, the list is obviously is starting from the BEST. Ever since the latest update, this software has taken giant steps towards climbing the ranks. Not only does it automatically loads the Thunderbird mailbox data into the software but also supports obtaining the Thunderbird MBOX files manually. So, its efficient for users, novice or experts alike. When it comes to number of files, this best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter developed by SysTools supports to export both single and multiple MBOX files to PST in one go. Batch migration has always been a forte for the software, even before the major updation. Other key features of the best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter includes creation of single PST by merging different MBOX files or separate PST for each folder. Also, the preview mechanism displays emails in 7 diffrent view along with attachments. The main advantage of using this converter is that the chances of data-loss are absolute zero during the export process. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

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Turgs Thunderbird Converter Wizard

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Turgs Thunderbird Converter Wizard can export Thunderbird emails to Outlook PST format easily. The entire process is convenient to implement and does not require much user interaction. However, unlike the Best Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, this wizard does not support auto-load feature. But still option to add MBOX files and folder separately makes up for this limitation. It has a previewing function too which is really helpful if you only require the normal view of your emails. Fully compatible with all Windows versions, it is a standalone utility with an accurate conversion ratio only second to SysTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.

Top 3

SPIKEVARE Thunderbird Converter

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Thunderbird Converter is an easy-to-use conversion program which can export Thunderbird to Outlook PST, MSG and EML format. It has the capability to perform batch migration of multiple MBOX files. Although it does not support automatic fetching of Thunderbird data, it still has a pretty advanced conversion mechanism. It counters the risk of data loss effectively and generates accurate results for users. It is only available for Windows platform.

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