Best Review - Top 3 Things to Remember When Replacing a Bathroom Sink


he job of replacing a bathroom sink can be challenging in many ways--physically, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually. This article will help you anticipate and deal with some of the potential pitfalls to look out for.

These trouble spots can occur anywhere from the initial preparatory stage to the final close-out of the project. Usually, these are unexpected things that arise, especially if you are new to the task, or even if you have some experience already.

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Take Notes as You Carefully Detach the Old Sink

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There's a lot of excitement when you unpack your shiny new sink. Don't get so carried away that you rush the job of detaching the old sink. After turning off both hot and cold water supplies, you will begin to detach all pipes and connections to the faucet and stopper assemblies. Making notes at this point can help later when you'll be reassembling and reattaching the same pipes and assemblies. The drain stopper can be an especially difficult process to remember. You will want to keep the faucet assembly, so be careful not to mistake its plastic under-frame for calking when you are detaching the faucet. Wash the faucet and stopper parts. Detach the old sink from the wall and cabinet with hammer and screwdriver or chisel. Lift the sink from the wall and cabinet. Smooth out all surfaces of contact between sink, wall and the cabinet.

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Don't Underestimate the Physical Work of Fitting the New Sink into Place

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You will have to lift, remove, lift again, replace, position, make room for, and carefully fasten the new sink in place. Chisel and make any carpentry adjustments to fit the sink onto the wall and onto any cabinet or other pedestal holding the sink. Slowly lift your new sink out again, then caulk all the contact points under the edges of the new sink with silicone (not acrylic). Slowly place the new sink back onto the wall and cabinet top. Caulk the edges of the sink.

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Don't Let a Misaligned Drain Hole Throw You

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If the new sink's drain hole doesn't line up with the vertical drain-pipe segment underneath, don't despair. Usually, there will be 3 pipe segments. The one in the middle is U-shaped. But the drain hole might not line up because sinks are designed with slightly different dimensions. Just slide the lateral straight-pipe that comes out of the wall in or out slightly to make it connect with the U-shaped pipe at a distance allowing the vertical pipe above to end up right under the drain. Normally, you can't get any different sized U-shaped pipe because they will be only one standard size. Reassemble the faucet, drain stopper, and pipe fixtures, using your notes for remembering how you took them apart. Use washer replacements and white plumbing tape when needed to secure connections. Don't underestimate the importance of tightening every connection so that water doesn't leak anywhere. Your overall time may be 4 or 5 hours.

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There may be other things to watch for, but the top 3 should at least steer you clear of some of the major difficulties you may encounter in replacing a bathroom sink.

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