Best Review - Top 3 Super Why Toys For Kids

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Super Why is an amazing PBS show that does more than entertain our kids. They teach them the basic alphabets and bring them on a fun path to learn how to read independantly. And now there are Super Why Toys that does the same too! Now let us make use of fun playtime and educate our kids with these Super Why Toys. Super Why Touch and Learn Super Duper Computer This fun toy computer for kids is a fun and educational toys all kids would enjoy. They now can join their favorite characters, Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red and Super Why and learn the magic of reading with many fun and interactive games. Super Why Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand This fun Super Why Magic Wand is a fun portable toy that makes learning how to spell more fun and magical. Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer This fun why writer creatively teaches word reading, reading comprehension and vocabulary in fun interactive ways. This toddler toy also encourages complying to instructions and helps improve your kid's motor skills.
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