Best Review - Top 3 Stealth Weapons of Today


he superpowers are now gearing-up for new powerful weapons and what is interesting it is made stealth. Outdated weapons are now sold in third-world countries the new ones are being modified and added with stealth features. So here are the top sites that will give you information on today's new stealth weapons!

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Top Stealth Fighter Planes of Today

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The world super powers are now competing on developing weapons to increase their defenses and to improve their superiority in terms of armaments. The rising tension in South China Sea and the threats of terrorist attacks boost the confidence of many nations to increase their spending on weaponry whether for War or simply to defend their sovereignty. But what ever their intentions are heading their weapons would be something sophisticated and modern.
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DDG-1000 Zumwalt class America Stealth Destroyer

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America spent $7 billion of their money to develop the most sophisticated war ship that would increase their naval supremacy in the world. The DDG-1000 Zumwalt class is the first stealth destroyer launched by the US Navy, the destroyer carries a rail gun and of course it could launch surface to air missiles. The US Navy is expecting that by 2014 they could produce more stealthy war ships like DDG-1000 to cater the growing tension in South China Sea. China says it will only take a few fishing boats to blow up the DDG-1000.
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China's Powerful Weapons

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China's Military spending brought fear to many neighboring countries and other superpowers. Not only China has the number of soldiers and technologies but they also have the weapons that could win wars in days. The world is in peace but it seems China is trying to bring tension to many countries. What ever their leaders are preparing for, I think it is something to do with Taiwan, South China Sea, Diaoyu Islands,etc. China cover their intention with diplomacy,
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