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ith all the different scenarios pertaining to loss of data in recent times, the need for securing a backup has never been higher than it is now. And Hotmail (now has had its fair share of data loss issues several times in the past. Constant threat of ransomware attacks and the need of switching one's preferred email application requires users to keep a backup at all times. And the most preferred way of doing that is, of course, using Hotmail Backup Softwares. So, with extensive research, user reviews and surveys, we have decided on the very best tools to download Hotmail emails to hard drive/computer. Choose among the top 3 applications and backup Hotmail emails into different file formats.

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Best Hotmail Backup Software

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With extensive features and superb reviews, SysTools Hotmail Backup Tool comes right at top in this list. It sports a wide range of features aimed at user convenience. All you require is Internet connection and this software will work wonders in backing up data. With export options available in PST, MBOX, EML and MSG format, it quite frankly covers all major email clients mailbox format. In addition, filtering mechanism and saving selective folders provides more enhancement to this already advanced software. You can even manage the network bandwidth throttling. So, all in all, SysTools has developed a complete package comprising every corner of backup scenario in Hotmail. Available for both Mac and Windows.

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Different name, same game. That is what you get from this Hotmail (also referred by software. A feature-rich software interface with quick response and smooth performance. With email migration in mind, the software is developed so that users can export all Hotmail emails to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, MS Outlook without any problem. Incremental backup of Hotmail emails ensures users to pause and resume the ongoing process as per convenience. With advanced capabilities, it is a strong for top spot. An option to delete data once they are backed up saves users a lot of time.Available only for Windows.

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Freeviewer Hotmail Backup

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Coming at third spot is a software known for its uncompromised data retention. No matter how much data is stored in Hotmail, Freeviewer Hotmail Backup ensures there is no concern with originality of data after conversion. It covers a large audience with support for six different interface languages. As far as features are concerned it is not far behind the top two spots with its powerful algorithms. Backup Hotmail emails on both Mac and Win.

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