Best Review - Top 3 Signs America May be on the brink of Collapse!


merica appears to be on the brink of collapse. The question people always ask is why and how is this possible? There are many reasons why this is not only possible but it is happening here in America. There are fundamental reasons why this is happening in America and sadly these reasons are often pushed aside and the people presenting them are deemed crazy.

Our society has been fundamentally dismantled. The nuclear family unit is all but disintegrated. We now see a society that is fundamentally isolated itself from the world. We have created a society where an individual can actually survive without leaving the comfort of their own home. This is a good way to prevent the people from uniting to help fix a society that runs risk of being completely and utterly destroyed.

The top 3 reasons this is happening in America will be described in the Top 3 online articles describing how this has been achieved. Yes it has been achieved so now we are able to see how this happened. This is important information if you choose to wake up from your naps.

We the People of America. Freedom from Tyranny!
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Generational Disconnect between Father & Son, Mother & Daughter. Fall of Nuclear Family in America!

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The article in the url is a great article of the disconnect between those teenagers raised in the 1990's vs that of their parents. There is a major disconnect between nuclear families in America and the article blatantly proves it.

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Have all American Occult's been Financially Empowered by the American Government?

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This one is controversial to say the least. I did not believe this at all until I personally did the research and the results are simply undeniable. Witch covens and Satanic orders have been empowered around the world we know this because of terrorism. Terrorist have been knowingly funded by the CIA and the shadow world government.

While unbelievable the truth is always stranger than fiction this is a must read.

Top 3

Why do the Few Control the Many? Did the Revolutionary War ever Really End?

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Some might say while America did defeat the British bloodlines in battle the war did not end when you think it did. In fact the enemy has now infiltrated our government and is driving it off of a cliff. Don't believe me it is all there in the article "Why the few Control the Many, What is Going on in America?"

These are the top 3 things people typically refuse to acknowledge but here they are in black and white. Do you know what is really happening in America?

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The conclusion to this article is just that. A conclusion that America is in trouble. We see the economy and rumors of war running rampant on we are literally on the verge of destruction. On the other side we see spirituality and people converting to Christianity in a way that is unseen in the entire history of man. The masses of every sort from Islam to Hindu are now converting to Christianity. It would seem that the world is on the verge of deciding on what we want to do. Do we choose abomination and calamity? Or truth and salvation? The future is being played out right in front of us just compare the news of today to the book of Revelation in the bible, it is there my friends.

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