Best Review - Top 3 Shower Curtain with Pockets - Blue, Black, and White Striped Shower Liner


hower curtains provide you with an effortless way to add to the design of your bathroom. It can simply add a whole different look to your bathroom decor and design with a quick switch away from your old shower curtain which, most likely, has seen better days. Whatever look, design, or color you're looking for, there's no doubt that you'll be sure to find what you need. No matter what color, design, or style you're looking for, it's out there. Of course, there's also the material choice. Which is typically either polyester, vinyl or cotton. For fabrics, of course, you may also want to get a vinyl liner to waterproof things so shower water doesn't get all over bathroom floor. Functionality still plays a big part in picking a shower curtain, despite the importance of the right design and colors.

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Shower Curtain and Liner With Pockets

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It's true that not all bathtubs and showers are the same. While most of us will have your ordinary sized or shaped bathtub there is more than shape or size. Regardless, a shower curtain with pockets is useful in any of these instances. In my view, Maytex has some of the best shower curtains of this type. Such as this Maytex shower curtain with mesh pockets.

This shower curtain, as you can see, can hold a multitude of items including toys, washcloths, loofahs, bath brushes, hair products and anything that you need to easily access when taking a shower or bath.

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Blue And White Striped Shower Curtain

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If your shower or bath is as much about atmosphere and relaxation as it is about getting clean then certain colors and styles of your shower curtain definitely come into play. A blue and white striped shower curtain is a great choice of a style and color scheme, in my opinion. For myself, it reminds me of a day at the beach with a design matching many beach towels. Though, there is hardly a limit of styles, shades and designs of shower curtains of this design, depending on your tastes. Maybe you want something to match your bathroom's design exactly or just blend with the colors of your bathroom, it's up to you. Here's are some recommendation blue and white striped shower curtains from Amazon.

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Shower Curtain - Black And White

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Unlike other colors styles and schemes a black and white shower curtain will certainly go with just about any and every bathroom style, design, and colors. Even better, you can get all sorts of designs from chevrons, full on art, nature scenes, trees, seascapes or whatever you desire design-wise. A great design can even remind you of a past times, setting up a calming atmosphere, or just set the right atmosphere on its own when you need peace alone and a restful shower or bath after a long day. While i like the black and white tree designs, here are a collection of black and white shower curtains on Amazon.

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