Best Review - Top 3 Reasons you should watch Soul Surfer

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Why should you watch Soul Surfer? Me saying I like it what cut it, will it? Here are some great, solid reasons telling you why you should watch Soul Surfer and why you will like it. So, my advice to you is: watch Soul Surfer! If you want to know more about it you can go here: The True Story Behind It Soul Surfer is based on a amazing and inspiring true story. We could all learn a lot from the perserverance and determination that shines throughout the movie. Watching Soul Surfer is a great way to learn about this story and in a way, experience it too. The Surfing Scenes There are many surfing scenes throughout the movie. They are all well done and exciting! If you love surfing, you will for sure love this movie. The Amazing Acting The acting in this movie is amazing! The actors and actresses are great at their role, they do a great job displaying Bethany Hamilton's ordeal.
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Danielle, although short,

Danielle, although short, your review is “delightful” and exuberant. It is clear that you really enjoyed the movie, as did my family. We watched it when I saw it on my employer’s website, dishonline. I like to go there to find movies for my family because I can sort by MP rating, and it shows everything available online, on my receiver and on TV, in one place, which is convenient. Bethany Hamilton is a household name now because of that movie, and she has inspired my kids a lot too. My daughter even benefited from Bethany when I brought Bethany up while she was learning how to ride her bike.