Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Why World is not going to end in 2012


lmost everyone is talking about only one thing is world really going to end in 2012? People are really confused about it and everyone have their own opinions. According to me, I think that's all BS and world will never end unless humans only wish to. So let me put this straight here we have 3 reasons why world will not end in late 2012.
You are about to read many shocking facts but I am writing it because I want people to not to believe in this kind of rumors and live happily without even thinking about those rumors. Anyways, happy reading and do let me know your thought through comments.

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NASA said "All is well"

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After this rumor got viral on the internet and TV, NASA decided to study on it and they confirmed that world will certainly not end in 2012 and our planet is totally fine and will surely survive for next few million years. There were rumors that Sumerians have discovered our planet and are heading towards earth but according to NASA scientists it is all rubbish.

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Do you think Meteors will land from sky?

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Well, our planet has been hit by meteors in past too by many small and big meteors. Biggest happened 65 million years before and according to NASA scientists team who especially work for research about meteors said that there are zero signs about meteors or any other damage chance on our planet. So according to them, our earth is entirely safe and there is no chance it would chunk into small pieces. Even if the meteors arrive they are ready to take necessary actions.

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You think anything would happen beyond human control?

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Everyone believes that if anything happens in the world that is because God wants to. So think again if God really wanted to end this world, then would he really decide the date 12-12-12? No, if he wanted he could end right now and I wouldn't be writing this or you wouldn't be reading this. So when we can't do anything about, why to worry about it? We can live happily today and simply face it if something like that happens tomorrow.
We must understand and believe in essential resources of our world such as NASA. We can't deny the fact that our planet will die someday but that time has not come yet. So stop thinking about the future which is not in our hands and do what you can to make your life better. Hopefully we all will have an amazing and great 2013 and also next years to come.

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