Best Review - Top 3 Reasons Why I'm In Love With The Walking Dead


hen they first announced "The Walking Dead" and what is was about my first thought was that the zombie genre has been done to death (no pun intended) and it's starting to get lackadaisical. I also wondered how good can a series be about a bunch of zombies chasing people every week and how long can it possibly last.

You see I had never read the comic book, which is published by Image Comics. I never knew one even existed. But, I was curious so I decided to give it try and boy was I wrong. It was a love match from the very first episode. This show is much more than zombies trying to eat folks.

So in this post I'm going to tell you why I love this show and if you haven't seen it why you might fall in love with it too.

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The Characters

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What I really love about this show is it has a very diverse group of characters. The main group are folks are made up of people that in a pre-zombie apocalypse would never be friends even if they knew each other. Yet in this world they have become then friends, they have become family.

Some have become something different then they were in the old world. Take Carol for instance. When we first met her she was a quiet, weak battered wife. But now she is one of the strongest people in the group. Willing to do whatever it takes for the group to survive. Even if that means killing a crazed little girl.

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It's Less About The Zombies And More About The People

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The thing about The Walking Dead is that the people in this new world are more of a danger than the zombies. There are many times when the main group is not just fighting the living dead, but the living period. Other people who want what they have or want to control them or just plain want to do mean things to them because they are just evil and this world gives them the chance to explore that evil.

To me the zombies are there as an extra added danger that is constant. But it is actually the other people that is the real danger because you don't know which ones you can trust.

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The Realism The Shocks And The Surprises

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I love the way this show keeps you on edge. You never know what's going to happen next and you never know who is going to die. That is the realism of the show. Characters that you have fallen in love with and have been on the show for quite awhile can be killed off or have something horrible happen to them. And in real life if you lived in a world like this the same thing would happen.

Just because someone is loved by the whole group or is looked up to it doesn't mean that nothing is going to happen to that person. Doesn't mean that they won't die unexpectively. Heck it happens all the time in this world.

However, it's not something that we expect on a TV show. We are use to having the main characters be there all the time. Yes, they might get sick or mortally wounded, but they always pull through. But, not on this show. We have seen several of the characters that we just knew would stick around killed off. And some grusomely killed or surprisingly killed.

Because of this you are always on the edge of your seat because you know that at any moment anyone of our beloved characters could bite the dust.

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Now that you have read this post and seen my reasons for loving The Walking Dead, what are your thoughts? If you haven't seen it do you think it is something you might want to give a try? If you have seen it what do you think about it? I'm anxious to hear from you and compare notes.

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james's picture

Hi, I also enjoyed it. What I

Hi, I also enjoyed it. What I don't like is having to wait for new episodes now that I have caught up with the seasons and episodes, but it was good when I had 3 seasons to watch in one (well several times 3 or 4 episodes at a time) go.

What I like is that no one episode is the same. I can't really see a structure to each episode or season. It was the exact same feeling with breaking bad. On the other hand Dexter was good but it was too easy to see the pattern in episodes and seasons (a big boss per season and a Dexter murder in each episode)
I like the unpredictability of Walking Dead (I have never read the comic thanksfully) even if the psychological drama can get on my nerves sometimes like this whole episode about the young blond girl in the hostpital lately, it was useless waste of show time, with no zombies or even action, and in the next episodes she dies anyway. :-)
At least Rick is still alive and kicking since he woke up in that hospital :-)