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verybody is everyday craving for happiness,unhappiness are caused by negativity.Such as anger,resentment,hatred,lack of motivation and many other factors.Here below are simple and effective ways to be happier.Happiness is always a choice choose it and it will remain with you,be ready to keep smiling after going through these massage you will never remain the same again and am very happy to share this with you. var infolinks_pid = 3039366; var infolinks_wsid = 0;

Proven Ways to be Happier.
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Share Your Happiness With Others

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To share once happiness with others means to increase your own happiness in the process,i like to laugh allot with people i know and even with strangers.It pays.Try it.

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Practice Gratitude:

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The more grateful you are,for the things that you already have, the more chances are of you having more which will add to your happiness,create a gratitude journal and write daily or weekly of the things that you are grateful for.You will be surprise of how better you feel.

Top 3

Eat Healthy Diet

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Among the food we eat,there are food that can help boost our mood these are food containing serotonin,most good food are organic food items,fruits and vegetables increase their consumption and you will be surprise with shift,eliminate diary products and replace them with healthy diet.

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