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n every office, school & university meeting rooms, boards rooms only by the MS Powerpoint application, presentations are delivered. So, it’s a rough idea that more than one million people are using MS Powerpoint Presentation application. Moreover, people are dependent and comfortable with MS Powerpoint, they don’t want to switch to any other program or application. But, the problem emerges when users encountered with corruption issues and errors due to corrupted PPTX file. This problem arises more when manual methods are not more useful while repairing the MS PowerPoint file. So here, comes the solution. Try these top-rated and expert suggested MS PowerPoint File Repair Tool.

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SysTools PowerPoint File Recovery Tool to repair as well as recover corrupted PPTX file

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SysTools PowerPoint Recovery Tool is very popular when it comes to repairing corrupted PowerPoint file. PPTX repair tool is the need of this hour as manual solution is not successful when it comes to resolving the corruption issues. Facts says that last option is automatic utility to deal with the corrupted file. Also, this tool has advance feature as compare to others available over the web. Firstly, it recovers 3 types of files like PowerPoint files(PPTX), PowerPoint picture presentation(PPTX), Strict open XML presentation(PPTX). it repair and recovers PowerPoint file which are highly corrupted and returns into a healthy format. For adding PowerPoint file, this gives you three options. For instance, Add File, Add Folders and Search Drives.
Add File: In this add bulk of PowerPoint file art once. Will allows you to select the files manually via user-friendly interface.
Add Folders: You can add Folders consists of multiple corrupted PowerPoint file. As many folders you need to repair, just add in it. This will provide you completely repaired files consists in the folder.
Search Drive: This is auto-detecting file feature which will auto fetch the files from the selective drives(C:\, D:\, E:\). You just need to select the drive and it will fetch all the corrupted files among the drive.
After repairing and recovering the PowerPoint files, this tool allows you to preview the file within the tool. For previewing, it offers inbuilt tools such as Normal mode, Reading view, Slide sorter view, display animation, comments, Zoom-In, Zoom-Out and Notes etc. Then, this tool allows you to save selective PowerPoint files. This doesn’t ask you to install MS PowerPoint application while recovering or repairing the PPTX files. Also, supports MS PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 versions.

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PPTX Repair Tool - Repairs Corrupted PowerPoint file

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PPTX Repair Tool able to repair, restore, recover damaged, salvaged, broken & inaccessible PowerPoint files. This tool offers quick recovery of .pptx file. It scans all the corrupted PowerPoint files easily. With this, it previews the repaired and recovered PowerPoint file. Saves the file with original formatting intact. This tool supports 2007 and above versions of MS PowerPoint.

Top 3

Stellar Powerpoint Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupted PowerPoint Files

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Stellar PowerPoint Recovery Tool repair, recover .pptx file quickly. It allows you to fixes and re-establishes broken PowerPoint shows. Fixes PowerPoint large scale empowered (.pptx) document. Encourages PPTX. fix for various PowerPoint documents in the meantime. Shows review of recoverable PowerPoint slides before you'll spare them. Crude recuperation for seriously degenerate PPT documents.

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According to the survey, these tools are more efficient and effective to repair corrupted PPTX file. With this, the tools are capable to recover powerpoint files.

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