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Oil and Gas Agreement Signed with Somalia

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JN Soma Oil & Gas Exploration Limited announces that it has signed an agreement with the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia to assist in the development of the country’s hydr ocarbons sector. This represents the first agreement in Somalia’s oil and gas industry since the election of President Hassan

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Maxamed X. Axmed “DANAB” oo Hambalyo munaasabada Ciidul Fidriga u diray Shacabka Soomaaliyeed.

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Gudoomiyaha Guddiga Sare ee Isboortiga Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee Jeddah Mudane Maxamed Xaaji Axmed “DANAB” ayaa shacbiga Soomaaliyeed meel kasta oo uu joogo u diray Hambalyo ku aadan Munaasabadda Ciidul Fidriga, isagoo u rajeeyay inay ciidan ciideeda ku gaaraan bashbash iyo barwaaqo. Gudoomiyaha Isboortiga ayaa yiri “Dhamaan shacbiga Soomaaliyeed meel kasta oo ay joogaan waxaan ugu

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Dowlada Kenya Oo Sheegtay In Dowlada Federalka Somalia Ku Wareejineyso Maamulka Magaalada Kismaayo

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Dowlada Kenya ayaa shaaca ka qaadday iney Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya ku wareejineyso Dekedda iyo garoonka diyaaradaha magaalada Kismaayo, ayadoo arintanna ay Madweynayaasha dalalka ay Soomaaliya ka joogaan Ciidammada ku go’aamiyeen shir ay ku yeesheen magaalada Kampala ee caasimadda Dalka Uganda. Dowlada Kenya ayaa ku dhawaaqday markii ugu horeysay in dowlada Federaalka Soomaaliy ay si rasmi

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About Perseen!

Have you ever heard "President is 
visiting LA" and the other side "who told you"  what is the answer?
now that is where Per Seen came from 
post or say what you have seen, not what you have heard from some one or media.

The founder of 

OmarTeacher is the "CEO - Founder" of 
he lives and works in UAE for about 
10 years and before he spent all his educational time in Somalia where no body 
thinks that there is a technology at all.
but Perseen Social is prove for that.

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To Sign up and acount on Perseen is 
totaly free
Perseen has Web, Mobile, And Desktop 
Messenger which will enable you to connect with your family and friends around 
the world and post them any thing as perseen on the fly. in perseen the help center is always up ready to serve you when ever you need even if you are on mobile device the perseen staff will happily serve you through perseen mobile app which available on most mobile devices like iphone app store google play sumsung market and manually download on the website and the support of most of the versions of our apps you will not feel disappointed... always feel happy using Perseen |

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Perseen, I have never heard

Perseen, I have never heard of it before, but it sounds very interesting