Best Review - Top 3 Obama's Start Treaty Is A Non Starter But A Lame Duck Favorite


he Lame Ducks Reid referred to once as a goose on steroids are on a mission to pass everything the voters rejected them for this November elections. Obama's baby the Start Treaty is one of those measures the lame duck democrats are trying to force on the American people before the legitimate Congress takes office.

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Why Obama's Start Treaty Is A Non Starter And Is Bad For America

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Obama's new Start Treaty is completely unbalanced giving the upper hand to others. It takes away America's ability to protect her self, without negotiating first with the Russians and with so many other disagreements to be ironed out then just mentioned above it isn't that urgent. Why does Obama feel he has to give everything America is away?

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Start Treaty and Senate Pork Must Be Stopped

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Dick Morris in my opinion hits the nail straight on the head when he says..."they are using their lame duck majority — explicitly rejected by the voters of America — to compromise our national security by ratifying the START treaty." Harry Reid promised us this lame duck session would resemble a goose on steroids.

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Obama's Start Treaty Must Stopped

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When it comes to security for the Nation our President Obama shows over and over again he disagrees with the principal of peace through strength.
The Start Treaty seams to take away America's ability to develop advanced technology even for our own missile shield against rogue nuclear attacks from places such as Iran.

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Ratifying the Start Treaty will hurt America's security over all and not help it. It will take away our ability to protect ourselves without asking Russia first. Is Obama nuts?

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