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here seems to be some great Article marketing websites being created including this one the Best which has gone to the top of my list for the best bookmarking sites.

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Best Article Marketing Website Creating Residual Income

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Users get paid on views their content has received, if you know your internet marketing and produce work on a daily account for your link backs to your website those views to all your articles can soon add up. Also Offering a Network share on article views.

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Investing in Net Stocks and Penny Shares

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Investing in Net Shares and Stocks seems to be the way many people including internet marketers are going. A real opportunity to invest in Net penny shares for a fantastic ongoing residual income and retirement fund.

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For Success In Affiliate Marketing 10 Basic Tips

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Affiliate marketing is the most popular way of making money online. Anyone can earn affiliates commissions.

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I am quite sure most internet marketers would agree with me Article Websites that pay for content are very valuable websites Indeed. Websites like this one get bookmarked by me on a regular base with the bonus of being able to share advertising space, many other Internet marketers will also be bookmarking this one.

Articlebase still remains one of my favorite Article marketing websites with at the moment a page rank 5 but it has lost a position from the top of my article website list.

My favorite and now at the top of my article marketing website list allows you in effect to earn a residual income.

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Tarin's picture

You chose Work at Home

You chose Work at Home Millions twice. Are you including Best Reviewer as part of your list?

james's picture

I think is

I think is too new to be part of any list right now. I sincerely hope traffic will become interesting before the end of november, for the full christmas season, but I have my doubts. It has been quite slow since the launch 3 weeks ago despite many tops submitted and many new members creating external links (backlinks) with their referral links.

The referral links are redirected to the homepage (301 redirect) and then set a cookie on the visitor computer so that the referrer gets recorded if the visitor signs up.

So all referral links are indeed backlinks to homepage, that should be very positive for the site, but I guess Google is getting very very careful of new sites, so the sandbox is mandatory even for sites with instant and regular content.

You can check the public stats here:;unique?login=dam008

It's still pretty low, but definitively improving (don't look at the raw numbers, I look more at visitors coming from search engines) but take for instance shetoldme who have been around since april 2009, the stats are more like what I would like for best-reviewer :-);unique?login=shetoldm