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n today’s era, email application plays an important role for both enterprise and personal usage in sending and receiving emails. We are familiar with MSG file, which is a file extension of an email message that is used in MS Outlook, Exchange Server, Mozilla SeaMonkey, and various other email applications. Now, this MSG file can be anything such as an email message, contact, appointment or the task, which is created and saved within Microsoft Outlook. However, when it comes to open and access the MSG without installing MS Outlook or other email programs, then it is suggested to rely on some trustworthy third-party tool.

Are you among those users who want to read and access the MSG file without configuring Microsoft Outlook, then keep your eyes in this blog. As here we will introduce the top 3 MSG Viewer tools by describing its features and functionalities in detail.

So read out them all and get the best freeware MSG Viewer tool to fulfill your business and personal needs!

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SysTools MSG Viewer

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SysTools offers MSG Viewer tool, which is a freeware utility to read and examine the MSG files without the need of installing Outlook and Exchange Server application. It renders different styles to open and view the MSG files along with its attachments. Moreover, it is developed in such a way that it auto-locates and scans the corrupted MSG files, in which the software detects the MSG file from any location. It also provides the option to export the MSG file in PDF format via selective export or bulk export. With the help of this tool, one can re-arrange the order of the MSG file with respect to its attributes like From, Subject, To, Sent Date and so on. Also, it performs advance searching in which a user needs to specify the keywords or phrase, which is similar to the content that he/she is searching. Additionally, it offers various naming patterns that can be applied to the output PDF file.

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FreeViewer MSG Viewer

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This is another standalone software that is efficient enough to read and view the MSG file with the attachments. It provides the view of the MSG file in different preview options such as Normal Mail View, Properties View, MIME View, HTML View and so on. Apart from all these preview modes, the HEX View enables to fetch all the information bit by bit in perspective to a Digital Forensic Analyst. It is capable to scan and view the corrupt MSG file with a user-friendly interface. It allows to open Exchange Server files and also provides an option to print the MSG files. It is compatible with Outlook 2016 and all the previous versions. Apart from that, one can fetch the desired files by specifying the criteria in the given fields. It also offers dual mode scanning option to read and analyze the MSG file effectively in a hassle-free way.

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This is another free and proficient MSG Viewer tool by PCVITA. It is a top-notch software to seamlessly read and examine the MSG files with its attachments like any documents or an image. Before converting the MSG file to Adobe Acrobat PDF format, it generates an instant preview of the MSG file in different preview styles. One can conveniently search any MSG email by specifying some similar subjects, keywords or phrase of the MSG email message. Being an independent software, one can instantly open and read the MSG file without installing any external application like Outlook or Exchange Server. Moreover, it ensures to maintain the folder and sub-folders without disturbing any of the original MSG mailbox data. In addition to that, one can export selective or bulk MSG files to the resultant PDF format based on the requirement that comes in.

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