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eople tend to focus on fun when it comes to chat bots, but there is more to them than that. Some of the chat bots have uses that may be unexpected to some. Herein, the three most useful chat bots will be explored and discussed, focusing on functionalism.

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Clownfish for Skype

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Clownfish for Skype can be added to Skype to allow users to translate conversations in real time. That is to say, if you are talking to someone from overseas and wish to understand what they are writing you can literally set Clownfish for Skype to automatically translate the conversation in real-time and thus have a general conversation with them. Now, it is true that some of the translations are a little off, but all the same it is a great chat bot. Furthermore, you can just have a general conversation with it.

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Alice Bot

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While the Alice bot in and of itself is not useful, the software it is based on is open source so anyone can make their own variation of the bot. Combine this with a website, an avatar and text-to-speech and it is entirely possible to making an interactive bot for your website that can actually drive traffic.

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Alright, so Cleverbot is not THAT useful but its definitely the most fun to have a conversation with. More specifically, the various apps that come with it make it dramatically more useful for entertainment as you may take the bot with you. Overall, Cleverbot is definitely the most fun chat bot and fun is a use as well.

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