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AARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Like other programs, it was one of top secret program. Its considered of the one the star war programs. This program is conducted by many organizations within United States which includes universities besides military facilities. This program is fully supported by US defense forces.

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Extremely Dangerous Style of Warfare

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Modern warfare has totally changed the style of war. It is dangerous than any other nuclear technology.

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Dangerous Style & way of warfare

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This weapon is considered as dangerous as nuclear and other devastating technologies. It is one of the weapon of mass destruction (WMD). This weapon has great influence on weather, earthquakes and even on human minds.

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New But Extremely Dangerous Style of Warfare

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Many of the experts consider recent earth quakes of Japan, Haiti and Chile due to the disturbances caused by HAARP. Chilean President already blamed US for Chilean disaster. Even some blamed the same technology for the Himaliyan flood disaster 2010.

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Its produces and effects very silently and without revealing itself. HAARP perfectly manipulates or vary hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. However, HAARP's main purpose is to use damaging and destructive weather against enemy. It can be used to alter the New World Order.

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Zentao01's picture

wow, sounds nasty. thanks

wow, sounds nasty. thanks for sharing this

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thanks for appreciation

thanks for appreciation