Best Review - Top 3 Most Ambitious Future Mars Travel Missions


hese articles all discuss planned missions to Mars. They are ranked according to which is most ambitious. All of these missions are feasible and the time frames are legitimate.

Most Ambitious Future Mars Travel and Exploration Missions
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Red Dragon Mission to Mars

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SpaceX is a private space company that has been awarded contracts to resupply the International Space Station. They have ambitions of sending man to Mars in the next 10-20 years. This article explains their plans for this mission, which has been dubbed "Red Dragon"

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NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity to land in Gale Crater

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NASA is sending the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity to Mars. It launches in November 2011 and lands in August 2012. The landing site they have selected is Gale Crater.
This article analyzes the mission and explains key features about Gale Crater that made NASA choose it as the landing site.

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NASA Given Orders to Land Men on Asteroid by 2025 and Mars by 2035

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President Obama gave NASA orders to land men on an asteroid by 2025 so that we can use it to prepare for a manned mission to Mars by 2035.

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The most ambitious program is the Red Dragon mission that SpaceX is working on. They are a private company and this will set an amazing precedent for commercialization of Space Travel.
Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity is more ambitious than NASA's planned manned mission to Mars in 2035 because it is being done this year and NASA has been known to cancel their planned manned missions to The Red Planet. Recent studies seem to show that humanity could get to Mars much sooner, so by the time 2035 rolls around we may already have Man on Mars (from SpaceX and their Red Dragon Mission).

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